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Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz 1

Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz 1 by Hater_Huntin

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Chuck The Ice Man Lidell
Chuck Lidell and i dont care what anybody says is the best stricker in the UFC by far. I love his intencity he a fucking nut The Ice man !!! sickning
Jake Manchio , April 29, 2009
Correction Chuck Liddell was the best striker.
Naw , December 08, 2009
Cry Baby
Funny The Way Ortiz Cryed After The fight
REVSQRJ , February 13, 2010
i got to giive itt to liddel he came and did his thing. but he likes rushing people to much. but tito got his hitz doe. by far one of dhe best fightz i seen in ufc
Sgunna boii , March 27, 2010
ufc , Lowly rated comment [Show]
About boxing and UFC
Sorry, I have a question: why do we ALWAYS get in MMA forums some ass saying "MMA this, MMA that, boxing/taekwondo/table tennis is better"?

I'll be happy if I get an answer. Thanks so much . Ah, and this fight was straight awesome.smilies/grin.gif
Oneiros , April 16, 2010
Golden era
This fight is one of the classics! Back in the day when Big John was keeping law and order in the cage. Tito had been dodging Chuck for two years so the UFC took his belt from him. By the time these guys got to fight they had gone from being good friends and training together to hating each other. It was the best build up to a fight ever! I think Chuck's flurry started as Tito was backing away from an eye poke, but i doubt it would have changed the result.

Oneiros: I have no idea, but it does make me wonder if the get the same thing on boxing websites.
Halihandro , April 16, 2010
Im watching the ultimate fighter and Im wondering is Tito really hurt or is he just scared of the Iceman Chuck Liddell
Pitbull Alves Fan , June 04, 2010
Answer to Pitbull Alves Fan
Im watching the ultimate fighter and Im wondering is Tito really hurt or is he just scared of the Iceman Chuck Liddell

Well Tito has been fighting for so long and met some really tough opponents, so I don't think he is faking it.
Billy The Kid , June 04, 2010
RIP Chuck liddell.
Jeremy1 , August 14, 2010
tito sucks
the iceman is legendary though he is getting old, he should retire he doesnt have the same chin he used to, i wish they didnt stop it so chuck could beat the shit out of tito
bobbbbbyyyy , August 21, 2010
Chuck and Tito
Tito and Chuck are two of the greatest fighters who have ever entered the octagon and will continue to be warriors. The fact that Tito was a three time California state wrestling champion from Bakersfield showed in the fight. Chuck Liddell was his friend and wrestling training partner. They both deserve mutual respect as great competitors and star athletes. But you gotta admit that Tito got his ass handed to him. In all fairness, I've pratice MMA, taekwondo, wrestling and BJJ. With that said, table tennis is one of the gayest shit I've seen in the history of athleticism. Leave it in elementary school were you learn to play it Oneiros. That gay shit doesn't fly in real mans world, in the octagon. UFC best thing in my life so far.
MMA 1 , September 10, 2010
Chuck and Tito
chuck wipped his fukn ass and he still da best fighter and striker in da UFC
Uncle B. , October 26, 2010

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