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Anderson Silva vs Patrick Cote


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Silva vs Cote
Cote did fairly well, considering he was fighter arguably the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world in his prime. I think he definately proved that he deserved to be there and that he deserves another shot.
Evs , January 07, 2010
ew ....
jdjs , April 09, 2010
silva fight like a bitch he piss me off since the beginning he is so fuckin cocky he is boring as hell, he may have one of the best footwork, head movement blalalalala you can step in the octagon and just run waiting for the mistake of you opponnent.

does he know how to feint????

i pray that somedy like brock lesnar go after him and litteraly beat him up and spit on his fuckin ass...

maybe he gonna show more respect to the opponnent he fight and the fans after that

have you seen the deminan maya fight???

he just disgusted me he doesn't need to do all these fancy stuff every time

silva is a pussy , April 11, 2010
Damian Maya blows he shouldnt have even taken the fight.
Ldrizzle , April 15, 2010
To Ldrizzle
"He shouldn't have taken the fight?"

wow, you're an idiot, who's gonna pass on the chance to fight for the title, moron.
Wevil , April 22, 2010
to Wevil
Wevil your the moron! Whether it's a title fight or not WHY would you take a fight were you're going to be humiliated and not stand a chance!?!?!?!?!?! If your gonna get man-handled like a little girl it doesn't really matter that it's a title fight.............does it??????
HE SHOULDN'T HAVE TAKEN THE FIGHT! It was a waste of everyone's time.

TOO bad for cote! Man! He was doing good too, that sucks!
thedrumsandthebase , May 12, 2010
Demian Maia
Of course Demian Maia should've taken the fight. Every UFC fighter wants a chance at the title, infact every elite sportsman wants a chance at their respective title. He was offered the fight because UFC management thought he was the most deserving middleweight fighter after Vitor Belfort dropped out due to injury. Sure Maia was "man-handled", but so were the previous 12 fighters that hopped into the octagon with Silva. Do you suggest that Silva turn up for his title fight and Dana White just throw the belt over the fence for him to pick up LOL
Lukearse , May 12, 2010

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